The Ruggles Four

Skylar Marsh

During the fight, Skylar was seventeen.  That year of high school, along with looking after her family, she graduated as a valedictorian.  She is now in college studying accounting. She believes that "home" does not consist of places, but instead, of people. Along with finding her career path, she found Michael Marsh! The two got married in the spring of 2020. They are excited for this new journey together. 

Jacob Ruggles

During the fight, Jacob was sixteen. That year of high school, along with looking after his family, he had a successful haying business. Later in his high school career he went on to place in state wrestling, and the football team he was a part of made it to the state semi finals.  He is now in college studying business. 

Gracie Ruggles

During the fight, Gracie was eleven.  She  was tackling the challenges of grade school and all that comes with it.  She has always been compassionate and loving towards animals.  She is now an eighth grader that has started her own business watching and training animals.  She aspires to be a vet one day. 

Lily Ruggles 

During the fight, Lily was five.  She was always full of joy and loved being "a part of the bowman track team." She is now a spunky eight year old loving second grade.  She likes to write books and send letters to anyone and everyone. 

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