-To Spread the Light-

We R4  Faith. We R4 Grace. We R4 Hope. We R4 Miracles.

Everyone around us  spread the light to us in our darkest time.  They gave us courage.  We are so greatful for that.  My siblings and I, R4,  decided that we wanted to spread the light as it was spread to us.  CouR4ge Scholarships is a nonprofit, charitable organization - 501 (c) (3).  It was formed to give scholarships to kids that have fought or are currently fighting cancer, as well as kids whose parents/guardians or siblings have fought or are currently in the fight. Our mission is to spread the light in the darkness.  


Our mother was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer while I was a senior in high school.  Multiple surgeries and complications later, she was unconscious and on a vent for weeks.  It was a time that felt hopeless.  Thanks to an amazing employer, my father was able to move to the town she was hospitalized in to be with her.  I stayed in my hometown with my siblings.  One day there was talk of moving her to a long term vent facility. This meant that there was a very high chance she would not wake up at all.  The odds were against her but the doctor believed that she deserved a fighting chance. He took a risk and pulled her ventilator.  After what seemed like it was going to end in tragedy, a miracle happened. She took a breath. She woke up.  There was no medical reason behind it, it was simply a miracle.  Our story is different for all of us.  Our mom, who faced the cancer directly will have a different take on it than our dad, who sat at the hospital everyday. Or the five year old who may not have completely understood. Or the tween that was going through the most confusing time in her life without being able to talk to her mom.  Or the high school boy that knew too well what was happening and didn't know how to process or handle it.  Or me. One thing we all have in common is that we all felt the darkness of that time like a weight.  The most amazing thing happened, though.  Our family, friends, coaches, teachers, churches, employers, and community were backing us every step of the way.  They spread the LIGHT in the darkness and gave us COURAGE.  They saved us. And we are forever grateful for that. 

In the Coma

A Couple Days After Waking Up

Our Miracle

Skylar Ruggles

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